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[crit] Dale Noq [~1400] [Fiction]

This is my first ever attempt at writing. please give feedback. its the prologue in my novel in progress.
Barona Resort and Casino, one of the most famous casinos in Los Angeles. There are many tourists that come here and lose all of their money, luckily, I’m no tourist. I’m Dale Noq, an ‘average’ 16 year old with scruffy black hair, golden eyes and often mistaken for being much older. Maybe it’s because I talk eloquently, or maybe it’s because I’m tall, or maybe it’s just because I look worn. I’ve been on the road for the past five months. Five long months where each day was similar to today, but not the same. Today, in the cliched form, is the beginning of the end. Where planets come to die. Ok, maybe not quite so, but things changed. For better or for worse that’s your decision to make, I only tell the story. Barona Resort and Casino, one of the most famous casinos in Los Angeles. An adequate place for me to steal from others and take for myself. I open the big glass doors and enter the dark room with disco balls twirling about. Pulling down my hat, I side step behind some machines and stealthily maneuver myself to the less flashy, darker, more illegal side of the room. I notice many people leaned over with their noses pressed against slot machines hoping for a lucky run. This’ll be my lucky day, they think their last thought to themselves as they put their hand in their pockets for the next $20 bill they don’t have. They no longer have the cash to go get drunk and forget about their miserable lives. What a petty existence. A petty existence that I have jealousy of, for they leave themselves up for chance to bring them to their knees and can blame the world when they lose. But, I loath them too, they allow chance to take them and blow them away with the rest of the leaves. But I am in no place to stop such gamblers from throwing their life away. I keep walking by them. I notice those working in the background, bringing around food to those who feel good after just winning $50 after spending $100. Those workers don’t care, they get their hourly wage and move on. I notice the manager in the back looking around making sure everything is running smoothly. He looks around nonchalantly and pulls out his phone and walks into the kitchen. I finally arrived where I belong, in the chess section, where one’s ability play and deceive is directly challenged and welcomed by another. My home away from home. I don’t barge in and declare myself better, for then I would be laughed at and mistaken for a lowly boy who has clearly not learned his place. I instead sit by the side and watch. Watch for an opponent who is willing to play me. One who will not decline a challenge. One who will try and win. I instantly see my target, a tall, skinny, bald, black man who is clearly beating his opponent. His opponent has a walmart name tag clearly still on there from work on his blue shirt stating “My name is Joe”. Just by observing the black man’s last few plays, I realize he knows what he’s doing and clearly outplaying his current opponent. The chess game comes to a close within the next few minutes with the inevitable loss of this so called Joe. He doesn’t seem to comprehend that he has lost until after a few seconds later. More than likely he just lost more than a weeks worth of work. Poor Joe. Nonetheless, he has to give up his money and it doesn’t look like he wants to. He gets this glint in his eye and stands up real quickly and starts to run but the black man was faster. The black man presses a button on the side of the table and two huge men step out from the shadows and quickly walk in an intersecting course of the exit and Joe. Just within a few steps of the door Joe has two huge arms on his shoulder preventing him from moving any further. Inevitably, Joe turns around and walks back to the black man and hands him the money. The two burly guards keep their hands on Joe and walk him out of the building. More then likely to return with a black eye and broken nose. I make my move. I walk up to the table and silently sit down on the padded stool. The black man doesn’t seem to notice me for a few seconds then says in a very threatening tone, “I’m done for the night, sorry.” “One quick game. Fifteen grand.” I say in the deepest voice I can muster. He looks up this time, looks me in the eye and goes back to counting his money “Three things boy: One, I said I was done for the night; two, fifteen grand is a mighty sum; and three, You’re a boy. Stealing from young people who don’t know what they’re doing goes against my morals.” “What man who is in the gambling business has morals. And besides, One quick game won’t hurt.” This time he starts to pack up his money then pauses and leaves it out saying “If you want to be beaten so bad, my morals can be bent to allow such things. So boy, white or black?” “White if you please.” I say as I pull out money for my side of the bargain and move my pawn forward. The standard opening. Wordlessly he counters and we begin our silent struggle. I purposely make bad moves and prolong the game so I am not accused of cheating. Last time I won too quickly I was accused of cheating and was kicked out. In the middle of the games the man starts becoming too confident. I quickly move in for the attack and checkmate him in the next three moves. I don’t even say it outloud, I just sit back and look at him closely. He doesn’t talk either, just stares. After staring for a good twenty seconds he puts his hand on the chessboard and swipes all the pieces off. “What kind of sorcery is this boy? Nobody beats me!” “I’m so sorry for the inconvenience but if you please, the money.” “No way I’m giving you money boy. You didn’t earn it fair and square.” This time I was the one to press the button on the side of the table. The same two big guys walk over and questioningly looks at the man. "Don't look at me you buffoons! He cheated!" "why deny it? You lost to a boy. Unfortunately for you, I have no morals holding me back." I taunt as the two big guards put their hands on the black man. At once he submitted and put his side of the deal on the table and just looks at me. “Don’t come here again, or this won’t be the last of it.” “I have no reason to beat you a second time, once is enough.” Now speaking to the guards, “Sorry fellas for the trouble, here.” I flick a fifty dollar chip to each of the body guards and quickly make my own way to the door. On my way out I see a finger being pointed at me and I make a run for it. Luckily nobody stops me as I make it out the door. As soon as I pack all the coins into my bag I face the same way I came it. Taking a deep breath, I see a cop car driving in. I start to walk straight at the car and look as much as a normal teenager as I can which mainly consists of looking as shady as I can. Funny how those two things come hand in hand. The policeman didn’t stop me as I walk right by and I keep walking to my makeshift home three miles away.
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